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Joseph Brigley
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Arqum Iqbal - Online Custom Fitness
"I like many of the features I have seen and appreciate the thought and effort you have put into PTDistinction."
James House - Owner/ Director - Texas Academy of Sports Medicine LLC
"I have never seen exercises and combinations of exercises so well thought out for online training."
Dan Salcumbe - The Institute of Personal Trainers
"What a great concept this is! So far I couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank you enough for the platform itself! It’s genius."
Marshal Gillen
"I am very impressed with what you have created! Done such a great job."
Lyndsay Grace Gannon
"Wow. I have a Med, phd (c) css, pes, fns, sns, mms from nasm and ergo certifications. This is unbelievable."
Mike Oneil - The Energy Company
"Its a great product you have there"
Florin Monoranu
"I'm not one for profanities but W...T...F... This is awesome!"
Independent review from My PT Website
"I think what you have to offer is a tonne better than your competition"
Craig Kilham
"I will have to admit I am impressed with the quality and ease of use."
Bill Beard - Fitness Bill
"Thanks for putting this together. There have been several attempts by others but I think you've cracked it!"
Alan Carson
"Your platform is perfect because it is correct... It's not the first that I've seen nor participated with, but it is the best that I've seen for my work."
Seabron Page
"Really amazing service. Can’t thank you guys enough. Outstanding, thank you!"
Marshal Gillen
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Jared Guzman
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Benefits to you of PT Distinction Membership

- Sell the highest quality online personal training currently available.
- Provide an entire online coaching process with assessments, training, nutrition, encouragement and accountability. Massively improve interaction with, and, results of your clients.
- Create stunning programs with dual angle video and full, editable descriptions of each exercise for all of your clients in minutes.
- Produce an exceptional service and stand out in the crowded fitness industry.
- Open out your client base worldwide. You will no longer be restricted by your location.
- Keep clients even after they move away.
- Freedom – earn money from anywhere in the world and work at the times you want to.
trainer using ptdistinction remote personal training platform
PT Distinction Features include
software for online remote personal training

Supreme quality over all other online personal training platforms allows you to stand out above other trainers, gain a better reputation
and charge what you are worth

Made and assessed by trainers with high level qualifications
from Sports Science Bachelors and Masters degrees, CHEK,
Poliquin, NASM, UKSCA, Precision Nutrition, NSCA, ACE, YMCA,
Premier, The Training Room.
personalised live membership pages for remote personal trainers Add all your face to face clients at no extra cost and print
impressive programs with photos and full descriptions of every
exercise. Amazing for when they train alone or go on holiday
and awesome for your reputation. See an example.
professionaly made online exercise videos Professionally made videos synchronised from FRONT AND SIDE angles so that your clients know exactly how to execute each exercise and your programs look incredible.
Automaticlly send reminders to online fitness training clients Automated messaging service. Easily write reminder emails to your clients to eat a good breakfast, to make sure they train today, to fill in their food diary, to drink enough water or to not drink too much beer on a Saturday etc etc etc and set them to go whenever you like and as often as you like... Now supporting your clients 24/7 is easy.
Exercise programs fully compatible Stunning app which allows you and your clients to view remote personal training programs and record progress even when no internet is available.
customisable online personal trainer profile pages Fully customisable profile and client area that mean your clients will only see your branding.
Build quality remote pt assessments Easily integrate with PayPal and charge clients through our online personal training platform.
Build quality remote pt assessments Create proper online assessments with movement screens, postural examination, length tension tests, cardiovascular tests, strength testing and body composition assessment.
Huge variety of online pt exercises with high quality videos for fitness professionals Over 900 exercise varieties and growing (though no rubbish - please don’t sign up if you want circus tricks!). With correct, editable descriptions, photo print out options and multi angle video.
using online pt software
Exercise programs fully compatible Your programs and assessments are compatible with all tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops and smart TVs.
Online customisable forms and remote food diary etc PAR Q, Lifestyle questionnaires, consultation sheets, medical questionnaire and food diary that can be filled in online and are automatically filed under your clients' names
Custom exercises to for flexible remote personal training Upload your own exercises, assessments or follow along workouts in two clicks. Your videos will then be compatible with all devices.
Make online exercise programs quickly and easily Drag and drop system will mean you never struggle for exercise ideas again and it's super fast to produce programs.
Integrate into your website Fully integrate in to your own website in minutes - Your programs, assessments and coaching can be hosted on your website with your design and colouring. Your clients won’t even know we exist!
.....Further to that you will get.....
Sell your online pt fitness programs easily Done for you sales emails so that even if you know nothing about marketing you can bring in new clients from day 1.
professionaly made exercise videos for online fitness professionals Simple, short follow along videos for setting up effective Facebook adverts that actually bring in remote personal training clients but don't cost the earth.
Easily explain remote exercise programs and nutrition plans etc Quick, easy ways to write a compelling profile page that will sell your services - Hint... its not about telling people how great you are.
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