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How can your online personal training be as good as your face to face coaching?

Find out by coaching clients on your 100% custom branded software

PT Distinction

How can your online personal training be as good as your face to face coaching?

Find out by coaching clients on your 100% custom branded platform

PT Distinction is the only online personal training software that creates and helps successful online personal trainers while offering a 100% money back guarantee that you will not fail as an online PT

"I'm not one for profanities but W... T... F... This is awesome!"
Independent review from My PT Website
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Every feature is designed by world class personal trainers and client getting experts. What this means is that not only will you be an amazing online coach but you will also get clients. And we help you every step of the way.

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By Joining PT Distinction you get the worlds leading online personal training platform, but, more importantly we ensure you get an online business that will
  • Allow you to help many, many more people than you currently can
  • Get you seen by potential clients
  • Be 100% your own brand
  • Allow you to coach your clients and members to long term success
  • Build your reputation
  • And give you an income that allows you to live well, travel and spend time with those you love
"Wow. I have a MED, PHD (c) CSS, PES, FNS, SNS, MMS from NASM and ERGO certifications. This is unbelievable."
Mike O'Neil
The Energy Company
You can integrate PTD's online personal training software in to your webiste giving you a highly powerful membership site which your clients can log in to (no, they won't see our branding or name anywhere) and
  • View the exercise programs that you have created for them. These have demo videos and full descriptions of every exercise
  • View their assessments
  • Record, track and chart results of anything you want them to
  • Upload and view progress photos
  • Update their food diary
  • Fill in forms and questionnaires
  • View any coaching, recipes, meal plans or videos you have added for them
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custom branded online personal training app
You also get 100% CUSTOM BRANDED APPS (Yes, your own apps in Apple and Android stores!!) that allow clients access offline. These have:
  • Their programs with videos and descriptions of every exercise
  • The fastest and easiest exercise results recording anywhere
  • The ability for your clients to film their exercise technique and view it alongside correct demo videos
  • The chance to record and track nutrition habits, goals, lifestyle habits, body stats, activity levels and more
  • Take and save progress photos instantly
  • View your coaching videos, recipes, coaching documents etc
  • And fill in a food diary or adherance chart
"You've done a great job with this! Really clever and saves me so much time!"
Nikos Saklabanakis
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PTD combined with our free online personal trainer course - PTD Online Personal Training Success Map - will give you:
  • A successful online personal training business
  • A superior service for your face to face clients
  • The freedom to spend more time with the people you love
  • A consistent income (even when you are ill!)
  • The chance to really STAND OUT
software for online remote personal training

Is it easy to set up?

Yes, very. Login, watch the tutorial videos, have a little play around with the online personal training software and explore it's features. Then, copy and paste a few bits and pieces, upload your images and you are all set up with full integration, personalised emails, your own logos and banners and your branded apps.

Is it affordable?

Yes! Have you seen how much a membership site and your own apps costs elsewhere?!!..... We are talking 5 figures at least!
With our tiered pricing system you will be in profit from your first online client and making more and more with every client you add.

One of the first things personal trainers find when using PT Distinction's online personal training software is that the seemingly tough concept of training clients online in a quality and proffessional manner is actually very easy.

Would you like to see how you can effectively train clients online?

6 Month Risk Free Guarantee

PT Distinction members are changing a lot of lives and and many are making 6 figures and more with their online coaching business while enjoying a level of freedom.
We want to get you there as well.
We give you the only online personal training software that is designed to make YOU successful then we give you an incredible free guide that will help you create the online personal training business you desire.
Part 1 of the guide shows you exactly how to get started as an online personal trainer and takes away all risk of failure from you. By implement the simple advice we give you we guarantee you will have made at least 10 x your monthly PT Distinction subscription within 6 months or we'll pay you every penny back.
Part 2 teaches you how to take your online personal training business, scale it, help thousands of people and become a truly successful online personal trainer and coach. This part gives you true freedom to live life exactly how you wish to.
(Set up time 3 minutes, technical knowledge needed - none, upfront cost 0, monthly investment from $19.90)
(upfront honesty: your payment details will be taken but not charged for one month, if you cancel any time in your first month you will never be charged)